* = one commit in 'master'
* = log of a separate branch

This page lists major features done or planned. Dive in the future of WeeChat!

Version 1.1 (≈ Nov 23, 2014)

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
task #5419 Done * core Understand incomplete commands if unambiguous.
issue #121 Planned core Add DANE support.
task #11374 Planned irc Indexed ban list for /unban.
task #10876 Planned irc Completion for /unban.
task #12204 Planned irc Add option to stop connection if SASL authentication fails.
- Planned core Change type of a bar without having to delete it.
- Planned core Edit filters (without having to delete/add).
- Planned core Alignment of items in bars.
task #11840 Planned core Improve mouse support (interaction with chat area).
task #12188 Planned irc Tab-complete nick with used nicks in beginning of list.

Version 1.2 (≈ Mar 1, 2015)

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
- Planned core Remove autotools (keep only CMake).